Sinking slabs next to foundation

It is common for homeowners to think that when they have a slab that has sank next to the foundation of their house that they do not have many options to repair.  They also believe it will be extremely expensive to repair.  This can cause a lot of anxiety for someone because, they know it could get a lot more expensive if left unattended.  It could lead to issues with the foundation itself at some point, because now the slab is sloped towards the house instead of away from it as intended.

Defender Concrete Solutions in Grand Junction, CO. can typically raise the areas of the slab back into normal position and stabilize the slab without the disruption and time consumption that comes with tearing out the old concrete and having a new slab poured.

Defender uses PolyLevel technology to inject lightweight, super strong foam under the surface.  This material will not leach or wash away and is environmentally friendly.

The cost of this process is usually a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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