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Are new home's concrete already sealed?

Most builders do not seal concrete, so if you have purchased a new home it is crucial to get it sealed.

If my driveway is sinking and cracked will I have to pay to have someone rip it up and pour a new slab?

No, not in most cases.  With polylevel it can be lifted and sealed to prevent further damage.  Cracks can also be filled and sealed to prevent further moisture from getting under the slab and sinking further.

What will happen if I do not seal my concrete?

Water will begin to penetrate the surface and erode the surface over time.  When freezing occurs, any moisture that has absorbed will expand and cause the surface to crack and pop up.  It becomes extremely more expensive to repair at this point, so it is much cheaper to protect your investment ahead of time.

The surface of my concrete is popping up in spots and becoming loose to the point where I can see gravel. What causes this?

This can be caused by moisture penetrating the surface, later it freezes and expands.  This will, in most cases, cause the surface of the concrete to "pop" and crack.  I could also be due to the mix that was used being to wet or dry.  Another cause yet could be using salt or "ice melt" on concrete that has not been sealed.  When this happens it is very costly and next to impossible to repair with anything that will last long term.  This can be prevented by properly sealing the surface with a product like SealantPro.  SealantPro penetrates the surface up to 1/4" as opposed to most box store products you buy, which are typically "topical sealants" that coat the surface and will have to be reapplied annually. 

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