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Sinkholes typically occur unexpectedly and are a result of unstable soil. Sinkholes can also result from human activity, resulting from a water main break or ruptured sewer pipe.

No matter what the cause, sinkhole activity can damage your home and reduce its value, especially if ignored. Sinkholes can also be extremely hazardous, and even deadly. 

If you suspect that your property may be threatened by a potential sinkhole, contact the experts at Defender Concrete Solutions today! We are the local experts on the Western Slope for sinkhole remediation. We serve Grand Junction, Palisade, Montrose and nearby. Give us a call and we will send out one of our skilled technicians as soon as possible. 

Colorado sinkhole symptoms

  • Cracks show on the interior and exterior surfaces of your home and appear to be widening.
  • Water stains, due to roof and flashing leaks, show up on walls and ceilings.
  • You hear popping sounds and creaks at night.
  • Floors are no longer level, making it difficult to operate windows and doors.
  • In the yard, depressions and holes appear.
  • Grades change and there are soft areas when you walk across them.
  • Lawn dies off for no apparent reason.
  • Pools lose water, and driveways crack.
  • Fences shift out of plumb.

What is a sinkhole?

Sinkholes, also known as swallow holes or dolines, are depressions that range from shallow circular depressions to large house-swallowing holes. They are usually caused by subsurface erosion in the limestone strata that lies underneath the soil. As the limestone dissolves, soil sinks to fill the voids. Depending upon the depth and composition of the soil, sinkholes may occur suddenly or gradually over long periods.

They can be triggered by anything that adds weight upon the soil, including construction, roadwork, vehicles, heavy rains, and flooding. If a sinkhole occurs under your pool, driveway, or walkway – even if it’s a relatively small one – it can create cosmetic, as well as structural and safety issues for your home.

What to do when you suspect sinkhole activity

If a sizeable sinkhole occurs on your property, ensure that your family gets to safety first. Next, mark the sinkhole area with tape and signage to warn others, and evacuate if necessary. Notify your insurance company and the building department of your municipality. Then call Defender Concrete Solutions to help you assess the damage.

Do not try to fill the hole yourself. Sinkholes are a direct route to the underground water supply below. By filling the hole with compost or trash, you may contaminate your water supply.

If the sinkhole activity is gradual, call us to help you get your slab stabilized before the damage becomes too expensive or irreversible. Defender Concrete Solutions can handle both commercial and residential repair and sinkhole remediation work, as well as concrete leveling and lifting.

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