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Stabilizing a portico, Rifle Colorado

The front part of this portico in Rifle Colorado had sank.  The support beams were actually loose and could be easily moved.  This was compromising the roof above and actually pulling away from the house.  In the before picture you can notice how far from the edge of the slab the support beam is compared to the after picture.  Defender Concrete Solutions was able to stabilize and lift the supporting slab using PolyLevel, a super strong foam that compacts the soil below as it lifts.  During this process the beam was moved back into its original place and became very stable, supporting the roof above.

Sidewalk and Steps Lift and Level, Clifton, CO

The front step had sank 3/4 to 1" on the left side.  If you look closely at the before picture under the threshold and then look at the after you can see a dramatic improvement.  The walkway was also lifted with PolyLevel and sealed with NexusePro.  The large crack in the walkway had a severe trip hazard that we were able to level out.  The entire surface underneath was stabilized and will hold up for a long time.

Sinking Driveway Repair in Grand Junction Colorado

This driveway had a large void under the surface and had sank, creating trip hazards and compromised the street appeal of the home.  The homeowner's main concerns were the trip hazards and protecting the value of the home.  Defender Concrete Solutions gave the homeowner a great solution that was far more affordable than tearing out the existing driveway and replacing since the surface was in great shape.

Defender Concrete was able to lift and stabilize the slabs, which eliminated the trip hazards and made it look great again.  The joints were then sealed with NexusPro, a flexible, UV resistant compound.  This will protect water from coming through the joints in the future.  The customer was thrilled with the results and the fact that the project was done and ready for use again in one day!

Concrete Sealer

Defender Concrete Solutions uses SealantPro to permanently seal the surface of your concrete.  SealantPro is unlike other topical sealants that have to be reapplied; it absorbs in and permanently seals your surface.  SealantPro is applied after we power wash the entire surface.  It is then sprayed over the entire surface and then broomed in for a smooth, even finish.  It does not leave a glossy slick surface.    

RV Pad lift and Level, Fruita, CO

Customer's RV pad had sank in the middle up to 1".  Defender Concrete Solutions was able to successfully lift and stabilize the entire area using PolyLevel.  We then sealed the joints around the repaired area with Nexus Pro joint and crack sealer.  The customer was very pleased with the results and the time it took us to have the pad in a condition to where he could utilize it again!

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