Eliminating trip hazards or uneven concrete in Rifle, CO or Montrose, CO.

If you reside in Rifle, CO. or Montrose Co.; at some point you might ask "Is there is anyone near me that does concrete lifting?"  Defender Concrete Solutions covers Western Colorado from Aspen to Telluride and everywhere in between.  Defender Concrete solutions can deal with trip hazards or sinking slabs without having to grind the surface of your concrete away.  Mud jacking is an old method, but Defender Concrete Solutions uses far superior products that will not wash away.  PolyLevel is used and lift slabs back into place and permanently stabilize them.  It is also far more cost effective versus grinding or pouring new concrete.  If you are wondering how much does it cost to repair a driveway or patio? Defender offers free estimates.

Sometimes people in more remote areas do not feel there is a good resource to address these issues, but Defender Concrete Solutions has the and proper equipment to remedy trip hazards, sinking concrete and protection products for the surface of your concrete if you live in Western Colorado.

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