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Sidewalk and Steps Lift and Level, Clifton, CO

Sidewalk and Steps Lift and Level, Clifton, CO

Before After
Sidewalk and Steps Lift and Level, Clifton, CO Sidewalk and Steps Lift and Level, Clifton, CO

The front step had sank 3/4 to 1" on the left side.  If you look closely at the before picture under the threshold and then look at the after you can see a dramatic improvement.  The walkway was also lifted with PolyLevel and sealed with NexusePro.  The large crack in the walkway had a severe trip hazard that we were able to level out.  The entire surface underneath was stabilized and will hold up for a long time.

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Do you keep tripping over uneven concrete on your property? Are you seeking a trustworthy contractor to repair your sinking concrete? Look no further than Defender Concrete Solutions! We are Mesa County, CO’s go-to provider of cost-effective and efficient concrete leveling, concrete sealing, concrete stamping, and other concrete repair services.

Efficient concrete repair services & systems by Defender Concrete Solutions

  • Concrete Leveling
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Commercial Concrete Leveling
  • Mudjacking Alternative
  • Cracked Concrete Repair
  • Concrete Replacement
  • PolyLevel® High-Density Polyurethane
  • NexusPro® Silicone-Based Joint Sealant
  • SealantPro™ Concrete Sealant
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Colored Concrete
  • Concrete Wall Repair

Elevate the curb appeal and function of your Mesa County, CO property with brand-new concrete! Call Defender Concrete Solutions today at 1-844-428-0100 or simply click below to schedule a free concrete repair estimate.

Causes of concrete problems in Mesa County

Issues with your concrete often result from hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is force exerted on your concrete when water begins to collect in or around it. As water temperatures change, concrete slabs change shape and size, weakening over time. However, there are plenty of other causes of your concrete issues, including the following:

  • Tree roots
  • Pests
  • Soil
  • Temperatures

Driveway repairs & more in Mesa County

At Defender Concrete Solutions, we provide efficient concrete repair services for a wide variety of concrete surfaces. Whether your sidewalk is uneven or your front steps are cracked, we’ve got you covered with exceptional concrete raising, concrete sealing, and more. Our skilled team can repair the following surfaces and more:

  • Driveways
  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Steps
  • Pool Decks

You can count on Defender Concrete Solutions for your concrete repair project! Contact us today at 1-844-428-0100 or complete the provided form to schedule a free concrete sealing, concrete leveling, concrete wall repair, concrete replacement, or other concrete repair service estimate.

Job Stories From Mesa County, CO
Concrete Repair to sunken patio

A Grand Junction, CO. customer had an issue with their back patio sinking.  This created an eye sore and trip hazard by the connecting sidewalk.  The patio had sunk to a level that exposed re-bar in a few areas.  Our crew was able to lift the patio with PolyLevel foam back to level and allowed the rebar to be sealed and covered again. PolyLevel is light weight, strong, and enviro friendly.  It will last forever and prevent further damage to the concrete.  The control joints were then sealed to prevent further moisture from penetrating the surface.  The customer was amazed at the results we were able to provide to them, giving their patio and sidewalk a fresh new look within a day.

uneven concrete driveway lifting and leveling

After debating the cost of ripping up existing concrete and having a new driveway poured, a customer called us at Defender Concrete Solutions to do a free estimate.  The slab was raised above the garage entry at one point and sunk at least 2 inches in the middle of the driveway.  Overall the driveway was uneven on every slab.  After insuring the customer that we could have her driveway back in new condition in one day at a fraction of the cost of ripping and replacing, she chose us.

Our crew was able to use PolyLevel to lift the low portions of the concrete, while at the same time bringing the high areas in front of the garage back to normal surface area.  The slab was then protected from future damage by sealing the joints in the slab with NexusPro, which is a UV resistant joint compound that will far outlast traditional silicone caulking.  The customer was shocked at the results and couldn't believe that we were able to back the work with a 5 year guarantee.  She gave us high praise for professionalism and responsiveness. 


Uneven Stoop

Defender Concrete Repair was called to estimate a job on a stoop with two steps connected to a patio.  The steps and slab had sunk so much that the support posts on the patio had to have a 1"3/4 spacer put in for support.  The customer was surprised to hear that we could fix it.  Our crew was able to lift the patio and steps, which had a large void underneath.  The steps were stabilized first,  Then lifted back to normal.  The whole patio was then lifted to the point the spacer could be removed and set back to normal.  The sidewalk was then lifted back to normal grade.  By then end, the customer was shocked to see how much we were able to improve and restore the patio and sidewalk.  The support beams were now sturdy instead of loose.  All the joints were then sealed with NexusPro to prevent further water damage.

Driveway Repair

A customer in Grand Junction had Defender come out and repair their driveway that had a couple slabs that were sunken around 2".  This caused a major crack across the entire driveway, which was over 30' wide.  Defender was able to use PolyLevel to lift the concrete back to level with the adjacent slabs and stabilize the entire slab.  NexusPro, which seals the joints is UV resistant and will not crack, was used to seal all joints.  This will prevent water from getting under the slab in the future, since the builder has the downspout from the gutter pouring right on the middle of the slab.  The customer was pleased with the results and left us a 5 star review on our google page.

RV Pad lift and level, Fruita, CO.

Customer's RV pad had sank in the middle up to 1".  Defender Concrete Solutions was able to successfully lift and stabilize the entire area using PolyLevel.  We then sealed the joints around the repaired area with Nexus Pro joint and crack sealer.  The customer was very pleased with the results and the time it took us to have the pad in a condition to where he could utilize it again!

Uneven Steps Repaired, Fruita, CO

A customer's steps had sank on one side and began to pull away from the house.  Defender Concrete Solutions was able to drill a small pilot hole through the entire stoop and then use PolyLevel to lift the entire stoop back into place.  We then used Nexus Pro to seal around the edges to prevent water from getting in and under the steps again.  This job was completed in under two hours.

Uneven Steps Repaired, Fruita, CO - Photo 1
uneven concrete driveway lifting and leveling

Homeowner in Fruita, CO.  had and issue with sagging concrete in the driveway and the walkway connected to the driveway.  The situation was most likely caused from the downspouts that were draining nearby and caused erosion to the soil below.  On this particular pad the joints were also exposed, leaving another pathway for water to get beneath the concrete slab and wash the soil away.  This created voids under the slab and lead to some cracking as well.  Defender Concrete Solutions was able to repair and stabilize the entire pad and walkway and seal the joints to prevent further erosion.  In the end the customer was very pleased to save a tremendous amount of money versus ripping up and replacing the existing concrete.  All of this was done in a day for very little disruption to the family's lifestyle.

Sealant Job

Recently sealed the surface of a large driveway and patio in Fruita.  We also sealed all the joints afterwards.  In this particular neighborhood a lot of surfaces are starting to "spall up".  We applied SealantPro and one time, permanent sealer that absorbs into the surface to prevent chemicals, ice melt and freeze/thaw damage.  The joints were sealed to prevent debris from getting in the control joints which will cause chipping from expansion and contraction.

Patio Repair

A customer in Palisade Colorado had a patio that had sank on one side and created a large crack down the middle.  Defender Concrete Solutions used slab jacks to get the slab lifted back to the original position.  This tightened up the crack and maintained proper grade away from the house.  PolyLevel foam was then injected under the slab to stabilize it.  Nexus Pro joint sealer, which is waterproof and UV resistant was then used to seal the cracks and joints.  A final coated of sand blended in with the concrete for a great looking finish and eliminated trip hazzards.

Patio Repair - Photo 1
Driveway Lift/Stabilization

Defender Concrete Solutions just completed an amazing project in Loma Colorado.  We were able to save the customer significant money by avoiding ripping up the concrete and replacing it.  The driveway had two main areas that had sank over an inch right in front of the garage entries.  The sidewalk connecting the driveway to the front door was down almost 2 inches from the top of the driveway slab.  Defender Concrete used PolyLevel foam that is hydrophobic, will not wash away and will prevent soil dry out.  PolyLevel is strong lightweight foam that allows for permanent stabilization of concrete slabs.

The PolyLevel foam was installed under the areas that had settled.  NexusPro joint and crack sealant was then used to seal the joints and cracks around the affected areas.  NexusPro will not dry and crack since it is UV resistant.  It is also water proof, so it will shed water.  At the end the customer was amazed at what had taken place and could not believe how quick it was done and ready for use again.

Driveway Lift/Stabilization - Photo 1
Stoop and Patio Repair

Defender Concrete had a big challenge with a project in Grand Junction, CO.  A large stoop/patio had began to sink on the front edge.  It created a crack in the middle of the patio and was pulling the stairs away from the house as they were sinking to the same side.  The challenge was the amount of weight on the front edge compared to the rest of the patio.  This means that when lifting and stabilized with PolyLevel the back side near the crack would want to raise as well.  Defender used slab jacks to hydraulically lift the entire stoop before actually pumping foam in.  This method allowed for precise stabilization and force the foam where we wanted it to go.  We then sealed the cracks and joints and even matched the color.  The pictures will show a little darker in these areas, but when it sets up and cures good, it should blend nicely.  The stairs were also stabilized and lifted which tightened them back up against the house.  The cost of this versus ripping apart and re-pouring a new stoop were exponentially cheaper and we were finished in around 3 hours.

Stoop and Patio Repair - Photo 1Stoop and Patio Repair - Photo 2Stoop and Patio Repair - Photo 3
Driveway Surface Sealing
In the town of Palisade, Colorado, Defender Concrete Solutions recently completed a remarkable driveway sealing project. With their exceptional expertise in concrete protection, Defender Concrete Solutions proved once again why they are the trusted choice for residents in Palisade.
The team from Defender Concrete Solutions arrived at a charming property in Palisade, ready to work their magic on a worn-out driveway. The homeowner wanted to protect her new driveway from harsh weather conditions in the area and were eager to find a solution that would protect it permanently.
Equipped with their advanced permanent sealant, SealantPro, Defender Concrete Solutions began the process by thoroughly preparing the surface of the driveway. They meticulously cleaned the surface, ensuring a smooth and even application of the sealant.
With precision and skill, the Defender Concrete Solutions team applied the SealantPro to the driveway, creating a protective barrier that would shield it from the elements. This high-quality sealant was specially formulated to permanently protect the surface, preventing cracks, stains, and other forms of damage caused by freezing and thawing cycles, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear.
The homeowner was delighted to have a driveway that not only looked brand new but also had the assurance of lasting durability. With the SealantPro from Defender Concrete Solutions, they could enjoy their driveway without worrying about costly repairs or maintenance in the future.
Thanks to Defender Concrete Solutions' commitment to excellence and their innovative SealantPro, Palisade residents could take pride in their well-protected driveways, knowing that they had chosen the best in the business.
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