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Uneven Steps Repaired, Fruita, CO

A customer's steps had sank on one side and began to pull away from the house.  Defender Concrete Solutions was able to drill a small pilot hole through the entire stoop and then use PolyLevel to lift the entire stoop back into place.  We then used Nexus Pro to seal around the edges to prevent water from getting in and under the steps again.  This job was completed in under two hours.

Concrete Lift and Level

This customer had a huge void under her concrete that you could actually feel while jumping on it.  The concrete had begun to sink, which created a crack down the middle.  Defender Concrete Solutions used PolyLevel foam to lift the lower portion and stabilize the whole slab to prevent future settling.  We then sealed all the joints with NexusPro, a UV resistant joint sealer that will not crack and remains flexible.  This will prevent moisture from getting under the surface again.  The customer was please with the new look and peace of mind that she will not have to worry about it getting worse and having to replace.

Compression Guard

You can see Compression Guard that was added in the picture. Compression Guard is engineered thermo plastic that allows the slabs of your concrete to expand and contract without damaging the concrete. The slab pictured here pushed toward the garage and then retracted and settled. Defender lifted the slabs back into place, sealed the exposed joint and then added the compression guard to protect the slab in the future.

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